House of Sungazing

by ///supersun///

Bayt 05:21
Novelty 04:30


What constitutes a house? Do we clamor for spaces of comfort underneath the unforgiving night? That aspect of shelter of which our ancestors from the upper paleolithic period spent the late part of their days fully concerned with (after they ate, of course, which was the rest of their day), the rise of the homo sapiens by way of their ability to identify structures as "houses" and eventually "homes." Houses have not just an evolutionary mark on us - they also constitute a symbolism that is embedded in our language.

An early proto-semetic heiroglyph for house is what we have to thank for the letter 'B." Everybody wants somewhere.

Dedicated to the belief systems that we construct around ourselves.

(RIP the Tascam 488 MkII used in making this album)


released October 28, 2015




Definitely A Label Portland, Oregon

Just another label in the world, nothing more, nothing less.

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